English 3040. History of the English Language

Professor Barbara Stevenson
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History of English Varieties of English Web Resources


History of English

Historical Overviews of the English Language

The history of the English language - an introduction

History of the English Language

KryssTal : The English Language.


Technology of the Word

J. O'Donnell's collection of images highlighting the history of the book during the Middle Ages.

Renaissance Printing

Luminarium's Renaissance Resources page has several hyperlinks on the printing press and early printed books.


Indo-European Languages Tutorials

Old English

Old English at the University of Virginia

Pronunciation practice with excerpts from such works as Beowulf.

The Electronic Beowulf Project

K. Kiernan's explanation of the project includes a color facsimile of the Beowulf manuscript.

Middle English

Harvard Chaucer Pages

        This website includes audiofiles on teaching yourself Middle English and on Chaucer's
        Middle English and language, along with other information on Chaucer's life, times and works.

"The Criying and the Soun"

        These Chaucer Metapages contain links to audiofiles by experts reading Chaucer in Middle English.The Metapages also contain extensive information and links on Chaucer and Middle English.

Modern English

Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare online.

Godey's Lady's Book

Includes texts and graphics from this popular Victorian woman's magazine.


George Landow discussing hypertext, the new electronic literacy.

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Varieties of English

(The sites below discuss or illustrate characteristics of modern English varieties.)


English Around the World (E. L. Easton)


Ethnologue is a metapage on languages, dialects, creoles, and pidgins around the world.

Do You Speak American? (PBS)


This "ESL for Americans" contains a British-American and American-British dictionary.

Linguistic Atlas of the U.S.

An introduction to the atlas, with a focus on the Middle and South Atlantic states.


A page with links to pidgins, creoles, Africaans, Dutch, Scots, etc.

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Web Resources for the History of the English Language

English 451 - History of the English Language - Home Page


Professor Edwin Duncan’s online History of the English course

HEL Home Page

This page includes links to the HEL-L discussion group, to the American Dialect Society Page, and to various resources and texts illustrating the history of the English language.

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