Kennesaw State University
ENGL 3035 Introduction to Language and Linguistics
Syllabus | Conceptual Framework†† |NCATE/NCTE Standards|Chalk and Wire Assignment

Areas of Study in Linguistics


Mid-term review


Final Review



to Linguistics

Power Point Chapter 1 from Fromkin

Statements about language

Marketing and Translation

Questions for Human Language series

Maria Montessori Quote

NBC Report on Bad English

Vanishing Verbs

A change in spelling systems


The f-test

PowerPoint on Neurolinguistics

Names for mother

Transposing letters and reading




Power Point Ch. 10 from Fromkin

Canadian Dialects

Linguistic Profiling

Hillary Clintonís accent

NPR Report on Accents

The Language Police

NPR Report on ADS

Language and Society

Southern Quiz



Banned Words?

FDR and pre-WWW II speech

††† audio

Benjamin Whorf

Dialect Quotes

American Tongues  

American Tongue Transcript

Are Dialects Fading?

American Tongue Transcript

When Worlds Collide (quotes)

Sample of Presidential Speech

Springville, TX

Features of Southern English

R-deletion in New York City

Does Spanish Threaten English

Time Article about Latin

Map of England

Proposition 227

Soda vs. Pop question

An English-only Restaurant

Merger of / i / and / e /

Oakland Resolution on Ebonics

Origins of AAVE

British Library Sound Familiar




Clip from My Fair Lady

Clip of British Comedy

Product names and phonology

Canadian Dialects

Where is the speaker from?

McGurk Effect

McGurk Effect #2

Please call Stella

University of Iowa Phonetics Program

Article about talking fast

PowerPoint on Phonology

NPR report on vowel shifting

Vowel Shifting

IPA Chart with sounds




How I met my wife
Terms in morphology
How are words created
New words by years
A CNN report on new words
A CBS report on new words
A corpus based concordance
2005 words of the year
2004 words of the year
Morphology questions



Seven Lesson School Teacher



Syntactic Problems


Poem that moves constituents


Some examples of Semantic Shifting

Time sensitive shifting

Semantics in Advertising

English is hard to learn






Etymology of English Words

World Language Quiz

Cathy Ball's Excellent HEL  Site

Daniel Moser's HEL Site

Time Line

Reasons for Change

Review of HEL

Macaulay's Minute on Indian Education

English is hard to Learn

Vanishing verb

What is was was football

Future of English?

Great Vowel Shift

Map of England

Map of England

CNN Report on Chinglish

Bilingual communities


Grimmís Law 1

Grimmís Law 2

Language Acquisition


PowerPoint on L2 Language

Richard Rodriguez Quotes

Interview with Richard Rodriguez

Baby Language

Can an operation help accuracy?

Acquisition statements

Baby Talk

NCTE Statement on grammar

Activities that help & hinder in L2

El Cenizo

English Only in libraries

Lau vs. Nichols - 1974

Plyer vs. Doe - 1982

Proposition 227 - 1998

NPR report on a "Latino" School

Case studies on ESL Teaching

Dave's ESL Cafe 

Morpheme Acquisition Order

Myths about L2 Learning

Language Processing


Compleat Lexical Tutor


Synthesize This

Talk the talk?