Basic Inquiry of Quantitative Research

Dr. R. Ouyang


             I.      Quantitative vs. Qualitative


          II.      Types of quantitative approaches

a.       Descriptive

b.      Correlational

c.       Cause-comparative

d.      Experimental


       III.      Basic concepts of quantitative research

a.       Introduction

                                                               i.      Defining a problem

                                                             ii.      Literature review

                                                            iii.      Hypotheses

b.     Method

                                                               i.      Population and subjects

                                                             ii.      Instruments

                                                            iii.      Design and procedures

c.     Results

Data and statistics

1.     Descriptive statistics

a.       Types of descriptive statistics

b.      Types of measurement scales

c.       Calculation for interval data

2.     Inferential statistics

a.       Level of significance

b.      Tests of significance

c.       t test for independent variables

d.      t test for dependent variables

e.       ANOVA

d.     Discussion           

Interpretation of results

e.      Conclusion and recommendation


      IV.      Sample of quantitative research




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